Our cattle are raised from birth on grass/legume pastureland. Our farm is comprised of pastures that do not receive herbicides, pesticides or commercial fertilizer. They contain a blend of grasses, forbs, and legumes to give animals a balanced diet. This form of feeding livestock gives the highest quality milk and meat and the CLA (which is an anti-carcinogenic) levels are therapeutic. Studies suggest that eating milk and meat from animals that only graze will reduce body fat, will be anti-diabetic, and will be anti-atherosclerosis. During the winter months, the cattle remain on pasture. Winter grasses allows the cattle to maintain their body condition, but is not sufficient for rapid growth or milk production. For this reason, we butcher our beef in late June, after they have foraged on the prime spring grasses for 90 days.

Our dairy products are produced from cattle that are raised entirely on pasture. They are not confined to a mud lot, stressed by high production demands, or fed unhealthy rations, which is typical for animals that produce commercial dairy products found on store shelves. Our milk is obtained and bottled in a state-quality facility inspected by our customers. Our butter, cheese and yogurt are produced using as many natural and unprocessed ingredients as possible.

We grow our poultry from when they are a few days old until we butcher them (around eight weeks for chickens and 16 weeks for turkeys). They spend the first two weeks in a brooder house, the next two weeks in a partially enclosed shed, and are then moved out to pasture when they are able to tolerate an outdoor climate. They forage on grasses, bugs and insects that they find, and are supplemented with a customized probiotic-enhanced, hormone- and antibiotic-free ration.

Happy PigsOur lambs are raised on pasture, and enjoy foraging with the calves. Our pigs live by the river in brushy undergrowth and enjoy a rich diet of roots, skim milk and organic grains.


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