• Farm Fresh Weekly, August 12, 2012

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    Farm Fresh Weekly

    Free ducklings!
    A customer, Joe Gibbens, has been hatching Pekin ducks.  If your family would enjoy raising ducklings, contact Joe directly at 316-239-8230.

    Grain costs drive up the price of chicken feed
    We buy organic grains to mix our chicken feed, and the price of those grains has recently skyrocketed due, in part, to the drought.  Therefore, the price of our chicken feed is now $0.40/lb.  We’re having exceptional trouble sourcing organic milo.  If you are aware of a source, please let us know.

    A bit of raw honesty
    Many of you have asked how we’re faring this summer.  To be honest, it hasn’t been easy.  We have nearly maxed out our water allotment for irrigation, we have spent down the farm savings to buy supplemental organic hay for the winter, and sales have significantly decreased.  These things do weigh heavily on us.

    We continue to pray for rain, cooler weather, and steady sales in the farm store.  Will you join us?  Its the tough times that remind us to trust God, no matter what situation we find ourselves in.

    Stories from the farm
    In contrast to the above paragraph, we’ve been blessed by these things on the farm this week:

    • a new baby kitten named Copper
    • selling Judy’s car (the one with the engine fire)
    • a comical glut of watermelon and cantaloupe, thanks to some old seed we thought would never grow, but planted anyway
    • watching the pigs devour spoiled watermelon and cantaloupe
    • Mark and Kendra celebrating the birth of their new niece, Sarah
    • fresh apple cider
    • cooler weather

    Healthy food for healthy living.

    The King Family
    JaKo, Inc.

    6003 E. Eales Rd
    Hutchinson, KS 67501

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