• Farm Fresh Weekly, July 8, 2012

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    Farm Fresh Weekly

    Last call for sides of beef
    We are coming to the end of beef butchering season.  If you still want a side of beef, please let us know within the week.

    Chickens bred for pasturing
    This spring, we butchered a new variety of chickens (bred specifically for pasturing) and asked you to compare them to our traditional breed of fryers.  Many of you have given them very good reviews– you’ve said the meat is more juicy and tender.  Both varieties are available in the farm store, and we still welcome feedback if you haven’t tried them!

    Stories from the farm
    On Tuesday, Daniel went out to feed the layer chicks, which are six weeks old.  Arriving at the pen, he discovered that a predator had burrowed under one side of the pen and had killed and buried every chick in the pen, about 15o in all.  Ken and Daniel spent the rest of the morning digging up dead chicks, searching for clues, and hunting for the predator.  A bit of research determined that it was probably a weasel, which hunts in large quantities and has a history of burying food for later.  The weasel has yet to be found and dealt with.

    Healthy food for healthy living.

    The King Family
    JaKo, Inc.

    6003 E. Eales Rd
    Hutchinson, KS 67501

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