• Farm Fresh Weekly, July 22, 2012

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    Farm Fresh Weekly

    New beef cuts available
    Find two new steaks in the farm store:  flat iron steaks and mock tenderloins

    Flat iron steaks are cut from the beef shoulder and are a flavorful and tender cut of meat.  Mock tenderloin steak comes from the chuck (think chuck roast) and is also quite flavorful.

    Garden produce
    Plenty of cantaloupe, strawberries, and butternut (winter) squash are available in the farm store!

    Biking clothes?
    Did anyone mistakenly pick up a plastic grocery sack of biking clothes off the table in the farm store?  A customer is looking for them. 

    Stories from the farm
    While we all have some inconveniences related to the drought, the hot dry weather is really taking a toll on the farm.  It affects everything from grass growth to milk and egg production to animal and human energy level.  In the longer term, the drought also compromises the ability to stockpile feed feed for the winter, the tenderness of next year’s beef, and the health of next year’s pasture.  Please pray for rain!

    Healthy food for healthy living.

    The King Family
    JaKo, Inc.

    6003 E. Eales Rd
    Hutchinson, KS 67501

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