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    Farm Fresh Weekly

    To a good home:  portable chicken house
    Could you use a 4’x12′ portable chicken house, big enough to hold 25-30 birds?  Its from our early days of pastured poultry, and has been sitting in the tree row.  With the upcoming wedding on the farm, we’re cleaning things up and would like to pass it on to someone else.

    For sale:  old laying hens
    Every year, we add new birds to our flock and retire the old.  We have approximately 150 laying hens ranging from 1-3 years old that we will sell for $6/each.  We cannot guarantee the egg production of each individual chicken, but we are currently averaging 140 eggs per day out of 250 birds.  If you buy 10 or more, we’ll throw in a rooster.

    A plug for “Nourishing Traditions”
    If you could condense all the age-old knowledge of healthy eating into a book, this is it.  Not only are there hundreds of recipes, but Sally Fallon also guides you through some of the basics, such as:  cultured dairy products, fermented fruits and veggies, sprouted grains, stocks, etc. “Nourishing Traditions” is more of a healthy-eating encyclopedia, really. Read more here.

    Why do YOU love “Nourishing Traditions?”  Share it on our Facebook page, or offer other suggestions for healthy-eating cookbooks!

    Stories from the farm
    Daniel:  Feeding the pigs is the most interesting part of my day.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to their actions sometimes, which makes for comic relief.  One day this week I took fresh skim milk our to them in the pasture.  I thought it would be a treat… after all, their old skim milk was dirty and yucky.  They had been wallowing in it for a few days.  But with both options before them, they still preferred the mucky, dirty, smelly, stale old milk to the new.  Funny pigs.

    Healthy food for healthy living.

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