• Farm Fresh Weekly, April 1, 2012

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    Farm Fresh Weekly

    New babies are born!
    Ken:  This evening, Daniel reported that there were three calves born today and one more on the way.  I thought that he was joking, this being April Fool’s Day.  But he was serious.  Our first four babies– three heifers and a bull– were born today.  They are so new, they haven’t  been named yet but we’ll keep you posted!  Check out pictures on Facebook.

    Insects abound
    Because of the unusually warm winter, we are seeing a plethora of insects this spring.  Yesterday, in an attempt to control the insects, we moved the chickens into the area that seemed to be most densely populated.  Hopefully the chickens will enjoy the tasty food.

    Garden grows
    Judy has been transplanting plants from the green house to the garden and they don’t even seem to know the difference.  The plants just keep right on growing.  Tomorrow we will plant sweet corn, which is the last of the garden to be planted.  Can anyone believe it’s only the first of April?

    Stories from the farm
    Ken:  If you recall, we had a cow freshen early with a premature calf.  Since she is the only one needing to be milked so far, I have been hand-milking her in the pasture instead of bringing her up to the barn.  I built a small, electric fence pen for her in the corner of the pasture so I don’t have to walk all the way out to the other cattle each day to find her.  On Friday evening, I was  squatting beside her with my head resting on her leg milking away when she lifted her leg, knocking me off balance.  I rolled backwards into the electric fence and received several good shocks before I was able to roll off.  My evening had a shocking ending.

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